What’s an App?

Each business case
is carried out by an App
dedicated to this treatment

400+ Apps to be as close as possible to your needs
and respond as simply as possible to your needs

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C'est quoi une app?

App = 1 use case

App = 1 use case

  • No need for parameterization
  • As close as possible to the need
  • A clear ROI


  • To use an app, simply select it and drag and drop data into
  • You can follow the progress of the project in real time
Transparency treatments carried out

Transparency treatments carried out

  • Apps are processed by
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Tools / Utilities (including AI)
    • Your teams
  • Apps always clearly indicate how your data will be handled


  • Each API request or each line to be processed in your Excel corresponds to a task of your project
  • Each task performed on an App debits a certain number of credits from your account
  • This number of credits varies from one App to another (AI processing generally debits less credits than “human” processing)

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